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Learn the hardest thing first and the rest will then seem easy. For a much more comprehensive audio course alternative to the 2 series and more affordableI recommend the Rocket Language series. Questions about whether or not Pimsleur works do tend to pop up all over the place and a simple online search yields a lot of review and opinion pieces on it. Very few reviews actually go into real depth to cover its content and effectiveness with fairness. This review will do that. This post 3 deal the core product and method of Pimsleur only. Before we go any further, pay careful attention to this. There are countless complaints online from people who signed up to a bogus site that looks incredibly professional and real which hooks people into a recurring billing cycle. Only ever use the main Simon and Schuster website. You forget it almost immediately. One hour later, you see it again. 3 few hours go by and you forget it again.

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